Placing the blame

Hey guys, so I recently saw the video of Ron from Jersey Shore and his pregnant girlfriend. I guess it kind of inspired this rant.

So as you guys know Ron was in this relationship with Sammy and it was the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen. All they ever did was fight and most of the time people blamed Sammy for being “problematic.” Well, I never really liked Ron because I don’t think that any girl should ever be in a relationship with a guy who treats her like crap.

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They were on and off for years and Sammy finally moved on. Now, he’s in a relationship with this girl who is carrying his child. A video surfaced of her recording him while they were arguing. His behavior was so disgusting and I’m pretty sure that if she wasn’t recording him he would have done much worse.

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I was going scrolling through the comments and most of the people were somehow placing the blame on the girl. “She was cheating on him.” That was a video of her ex that she still kept on her phone. I’m not saying she should’ve sent that to him, but he shouldn’t have acted that way. He cheated on her on national TV and so far all he ever talks about is Sam this and Sam that and how much he’s in love with her. He also stated that he has no feelings towards her and is only with her because of the baby, he basically humiliated her on national tv. “She shoved him first.” Yeah, because he kept coming at her. She was telling him to back off and get away from her and he still kept getting in her face. I’m pretty sure that’s harassment.

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The point of this post is that I’m tired of people placing the blame on women. We are always the one to blame for men’s actions. It is never really on the men. People will always find a way to make it the girl’s fault. I always hear the excuses people have about girls who’ve been raped or were almost raped. Or the same could be said about girls who are physically, mentally, or/and emotionally abused by their significant others.

Top excuses they use:

  1. She shouldn’t have drunk too much
  2. Her clothes were too short
  3. She probably wanted it
  4. Why was she alone
  5. Why was she out so late
  7. She seduced him
  8. He’s an upstanding citizen and she’s probably ashamed of it so she cried rape
  9. Why did she stay?
  10. She should’ve known better

I was almost raped when I was 16 turning 17. I was at a family party once and this guy at the party came into the room I was sleeping in and tried to rape me. I was sleeping at the time and I’m so lucky that I woke up and was able to fight him off because I’m a heavy sleeper and it takes a while for me to wake up. One of the uncles came in and dragged him off of me and took him outside. He managed to convince the uncle that I’ve been seducing him and trying to flirt with him for weeks and he finally gave in. Mind you I was 16 and he was around 23 and this is a FAMILY PARTY. I was crying so hard and I was in shocked and I kept trying to convince the uncle that I wasn’t lying. They managed to convince me to keep quiet about it and that it was my word against theirs. I just tried to forget about it and move on after that because I felt like there was nothing I could, especially since one of my uncles didn’t even believe. I recently told one of my best friends about it TODAY for the first time ever. I kept quiet about it all this time because I just wanted to forget.

Anyways, I just feel like people need to stop placing the blame on the women. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT. I get so scared to walk alone in the night time or when I’m walking by a group of guys. That is not okay. Women shouldn’t have to go through life fearing that we can get raped, abused, kidnapped, or murdered. I’m sorry this rant is super long, I was on a roll.

Bye for now.


The comeback!!

Hey guys!!!

WOW!!! It’s been a while since I was on this website. I’m so so so so sorry for anyone who used to read my posts, although I doubt many did. I got a little distracted with work and my senior year, and I slowly forgot about my blog. Image result for sorry gif

A lot has happened while I was gone. I’m now 19 years old and I’m a sophomore at John Jay. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in these past three years. I’ve grown as a person, but in a way, I’m still the same. I can’t wait to share my stories and hope some people can relate or just enjoy reading about my mess of a life lol jk. This blog used to be little safe space where I can rant about any issues or just something to do when I have nothing else to do.

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I’ve been reading my old posts and I’m so so sorry lol. I was such a mess back then and I used to think the littlest things were a problem. That’s what happens when you overthink too much. The stuff I used to rant about was so cringy, all I could do was cringe while I was reading it.

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I rant a lot and sometimes I don’t know when to shut up, but I guess that’s why it’s called rants about my life. This is a safe space for me to write about topics that are going on in my life or what I’m thinking or feeling at the moment, but don’t be afraid to comment or just talk to me. I’m not going to have a schedule on when I post because honestly, I’m inconsistent and very forgetful. Anyways, that’s it for today. Bye Guys!!!

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Job Interview

I have a job interview!!!  I’m so excited. I’ve been trying to get a job since June. I have applied to over 100 stores. The interview is for Kmart. I’m happy and mad about it. I’m glad I finally got the job, but the guy put me on hold for 40minutes.

The week before that I kept calling them and I was on hold for a long time. The first time, I was on hold for 1 hour and 39 minutes. I couldn’t talk to the supervisor that day because he left. They basically put me on hold for nothing.

My friend talked to her supervisor and asked if they got my application. They told her that the system got cleaned, so I had to apply again. Going through the process again was super annoying, but at least I got an interview out of it.


Tomorrow I have a full day of school. I’m terrify. Mostly because I’m meeting Valk for the first time. He’s the Economy/Government teacher. I heard he’s hilarious with the people he likes, but makes the class give 20 minute presentations. I can’t give presentations. I can’t even give a 3 minute presentation without stuttering and sounding like a fool. I’m wishing the school year is over and it’s my second day of school.

I’m still applying at different jobs. I need to start saving up for college and helping out my mom. She needs the help. She didn’t even have enough money to buy me and my siblings our backpacks, so she had to borrow money from my aunt in order to buy it. She still needs to buy our school supplies, I don’t really need much since I didn’t throw out my binders from my Junior year. I hope I get a job, I feel bad about not being able to help my mom out😔. 

Back to School

First day of school. I hate being back. My school is supposedly the best school in the district, but if you go to my school, you know that’s not the case.

The messed up the schedules every year and somehow, they manage to get worse. 

I’m missing two classes. My schedule goes: 1,2,3,5,6,7. I’m missing 8th and 4th period. I don’t even get lunch class. So I’m going to starve for the whole day. I can’t even go home and eat something because if you leave, you can’t go back in the school. 

My classes suck. My philosophy teacher is going to get on my bad side, I can feel it. She told the class that she’s going to make us write 800 word essays every week or every other day👿. My next teacher is my IB math teacher, which I don’t even need another math class. She’s terrible. I’m going to die during this. The class is full of juniors, so the only seniors are me and this other girl. The juniors are super annoying and think that they’re so “cool.” Next was Business Law, which is basically just street law. I decided to take this class because I heard she made us watch a lot of Law and Order. She’s extremely boring and rude so far. 

Today was a half a day, so I only had four classes. Since I don’t have a 4th period class, I went home. If the rest of the classes are like the first 3, please kill me.

I also got a bottom locker😔😒. I have back problems, so that’s going to kil me. I came into the school extra early, so I could get a top locker, but no luck. 


Today Show

I saw Little Mix at the Today Show!! I was super ecstatic. I didn’t get any sleep though. My friend got us fan passes, so we had to be there by 6:00 AM. My thought it would be a good idea to get there early, so we would get a good spot. I had to wake up at 2 AM, so we could leave at 3. Let’s be honest, I didn’t go to sleep.

When we got there, we had to wait for at least 3 hours. I hate waiting for something. It’s the worse feeling in the world. Good thing is, we met the funniest girl in the world. I usually have a hard time talking to people I don’t know because I don’t usually know what to say. I think it helped knowing that we have the same interest. At around 6:30, they started letting us in.

When we got there, there were a lot of people in front of us. They were the people who got VIP passes and won the radio competition. This got me a little mad because I thought we would be a lot closer. We had to wait forever again. The girls came out for sound check at 7:30 and sang a few songs for us, and got us involved. The dancers stayed a little longer, practicing their dance moves.

 Little Mix at sound check.

At around 8:10, the girls came out and sang Black Magic. They came out again at 8:30 and sang Black Magic and Wings. I later found out that they play it twice, and the one with the loudest noise and screaming gets put on YouTube and TV. Then at 8:45, we were live and the girls did a short interview. After that, they sang the songs again, but this time for the television.

They sounded amazing. I feel like they’re one of the best singers out there, especially when it comes to acoustic and a-cappella. They sang: black magic, wings, an a-cappella of their new song ,The End (it’s not out yet), and How Ya Doin’. This was the best thing that ever happened to me.

 Little Mix about to sing The End

After the show, I saw a bunch of paparazzi, so I thought I’ll wait and maybe I’ll get to meet Little Mix. I was kind of nervous that China’s mom will call and tell us that she’s there, and our chances of meeting LM were ruined. We waited for about 30 minutes before the Little Mix Men (that’s what we call the dancers) came out. I got a video of them. I was so happy that I got to meet them. Little Mix didn’t come out and it was kind of disappointing, but they were doing an interview and then they had to get ready for their livestream. That day was also the 4 year anniversary of Little Mix. It was an emotional day.

I went home, about to pass out, and decided to go to sleep after the livestream. I also died watching it. They brought back so many memories, and they even sang ET, which was one of the songs they performed on the XFactor. They interviewer brought up two girls that won the Radio competition and won best poster, and asked them a few questions. I was kind of mad, because I got all the answers right, and they only got 2 right. Their prizes were 2 tickets to the Billboards Hot 100 Festival. It was obvious that they didn’t know that much about Little Mix, but it’s whatever.

They were posing for the pic of Today Show and I decided to take this one while they were actually posing. 💖
~Tiffany ✌🏼️

August 5th 

The best day of my life. 

I went to the One Direction concert. My first ever concert. At first, I was super fun nervous. It was my first concert and I didn’t know what to do. Once it started though, I let loose. I forgot about everything and just focused on the boys and the music. I kinda didn’t really look at the stage though, I was too busy dancing and singing along. 

They annoyed me though. They made us wait a long time. MetLife gates opened at around 5 and that’s when I went in. In the stage, they were playing music videos of other artists and giving commercials. A LOT OF COMMERCIALS. Then around 7:00, Icona Pop, their opening act, started singing. I was weird about it because I only knew one of their songs, but they were actually really good. I rocked out to their songs. No one in my section was being supportive of them. When they told them to scream, they all stayed quiet. So I had to be extra loud. Then they left at around 7:40, and we were back to commercials.

One Direction came out at 8:30 and it was amazing. When they came out, fireworks started shooting in the sky. It also ended with fireworks. Let me give you guys a tip: if you ever go to a One Direction concert, know that they leave when the fireworks start. The concert ended at around 10:40. 

I’m trying to get a job, which will benefit me since I heard Little Mix are going to have a concert in the U.S. Soon. These girls are my world, and I can’t wait to meet them. I’m trying to get meet and greet tickets.

                                                      ~Tiffany ✌🏼️

I’m leaving you guys with this awesome pic of Liam